About Us

In considering our products, we anticipate that you'll want to know a little about us as a company and what we do well.

SagaTech; the company

Our facilities house the operations, manufacturing, engineering design and service areas devoted to building the Remmers Sleep Recorder system and supporting our customers.

We are keen collaborators with experts in the sleep medicine, and enthusiastically continue to develop new innovations. We are honored and fulfilled in producing a reliable means of helping patients discover their conditions and get help.

Our Products

Everything we make and sell is based foremost on experience. We grew out of sleep labs and a clinical environment where we designed every aspect with function and science in mind. Our deep expertise with Dr. Remmers' pioneering research in sleep health since the 1970's and our modern bioengineering designs have produced breakthrough disruptive technologies that have enabled the health industry to better understand sleep disorders and new ways of tackling the issues.

The independent studies that validated the Remmers as an equivalent to overnight sleep labs have led to dramatic changes in the sleep industry. Portable sleep recording is now being heralded as a more accessible and cost effective diagnostic method. This exciting, progressive shift will mean improved practices and preventative health benefits to the population.

Our Customers

We've earned our business from over 10 years of operation. Our customers are gratefully loyal and they tell us it's because our Remmers Sleep Recorder and accompanying analysis software delivers superior results. Currently in use at hospitals, dental practices, clinics, home care, workplace and military facilities, we're proud to be the solution for these many diagnostic gateways to sleep medicine.

Of the many types of portable recording devices in the market, we think our measures are regarded as the best because they work, providing confidence in what's being measured. We attribute this to how our results indicators are derived from signal processing and algorithms directly connected to the events they are attempting to sense. With this approach we have found ourselves aligned with solid fundamentals and the opinions of industry thought leaders.

During the ensuing wave of varied and complex alternatives over the last decade, the Remmers continues to point the way with clarity and accuracy.


We believe in the practice of setting and dedicating ourselves to a mission, and we are experiencing the achievements from dedicating ourselves to these statements.

SagaTech will achieve and maintain leadership by:

  • Continuing to operate at the leading edge of discovery and innovation
  • Maintaining a reputation for conceptual advancements in the field
  • Developing state-of-the-art medical devices for sleep disorders
  • Building on our tradition of excellence in sleep technology
  • Providing products and services that improve access to diagnosis and management of sleep apnea

Remmers Sleep Recorder

Using the Remmers Sleep Recorder, we are establishing new patterns of practice for the diagnosis of sleep apnea in the home environment. We are continually inspired with new ideas and applications that come from our customers, and we invite your experience with using the Remmers.

  • Clinically validated (compared with the polysomnogram) and supported by management studies
  • Automatically analyzes records, eliminating the need for hand scoring
  • Designed for convenient, unattended studies
  • Records up to 10 signals, including respiratory airflow and effort, arterial O2, snoring sound, body position and EMGs
  • Distinguishes central from obstructive sleep apnea
  • Performs CPAP follow-up studies on any therapeutic device


We understand that this decision to equip yourself with a portable diagnostic solution involves many integrative processes with staff, systems and administration. We help you to get started and will support your needs throughout our relationship, sharing from our experience with sleep outpatient diagnosis in the medical, dental, institutional and corporate sectors.

Our team of experienced physicians and home care specialists will assist you in implementing your sleep disorders program so that you can quickly experience the growth of your business in this area.

We also stock and repair all components ourselves, so your needs are cared for by a one-stop shop. Every call you make to us is handled with the concern and urgency we know you expect from a provider. With our product training, systems support, medical explanations and business insights, we endeavor to bring real value to your partnership with us.

We also have an online Sleep Study Interpretation Service and we provide you with your own account access. This is a private and secure website that allows you to submit, retrieve and view your interpretation reports. You are welcome to have an expert interpretation done by Dr. John Remmers (for Alberta based customers), or invite your own interpreting physicians to join our network.