Sagatech has over 25 years of experience in the design and development of industrial electronic technology. Devices and systems developed by Sagatech are in routine use. Our portfolio of previous work demonstrates the breadth of experience. Some examples are shown here.

Design of electronic systems necesitates knowledge in electronics and software at multiple levels, i.e. circuit design, embedded software, PC application software, and web application software.

As networking technology is rapidly evolving, management of internet connected sensors is becoming popular. In addition to software development, Sagatech has the experience to design and build sensors without being tied to any particular platform. This is attractive to industrial clients that require complete control of their infrastructure.

Sagatech provides design and development services to match client needs. Services required may range from development in a particular area such as circuit design and software to a complete electronic design inclusive of electronic, software and mechanical aspects.


All design projects are divided into staged plans with clear cost estimates and deliverables to protect the interests of clients. Project transparency allows our clients to be confident in the progress and knowledge that problem resolution is expertly handled.

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