Control Through the Web

The Internet or World Wide Web is providing efficient means of managing processes distributed over large distances. This concept has more recently been coined the Internet of Things or IoT as marketing organizations have begun to generate excitement.  Sagatech builds IoT systems or can adapt existing systems.

The potential for cost saving is tremendous as notification of problems can be automated and visits to remote locations can be reduced with the knowledge that processes are running smoothly.

Control Through the Web requires a collection of technologies:

  • basic sensors with a network connection such as wired Ethernet, wireless Ethernet, or cellular
  • a centralized system for management of distributed devices, and collection and storage of data
  • secure web portals or web applications allowing customers to access data from devices and adjust settings as necessary

Sagatech has demonstrated experience is all aspects of IoT. The basic protocols were developed over the last three decades but the recent explosion of networking modules is allowing more industrial devices to connect to networks. Sagatech uses a variety of network modules and builds web control networks that are in routine use. Fundamental understanding of the basic networking protocols has allowed Sagatech to build systems that are lean and responsive without the burden of complex frameworks.

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