Our Group

We're in business to serve our customers and contribute advancements to sleep medicine. We draw from medical, business, and engineering fields and have been manufacturing the Remmers Sleep Recorder for almost ten years.

When you call, any one of us would be happy to help and discuss your interests. Here's some of us for you to get acquainted with!

Ronald Platt, P.Eng, PhD
Research & Development

Ron Platt is an inventor, entrepreneur, and co-founder of SagaTech. Ron graduated from the University of Calgary with a BSc from the Department of Electrical Engineering, and a Ph.D specializing in Electromyography of Respiratory Muscles. Ron has contributed to a number of key inventions and patent applications and has published in peer-reviewed journals. Ron has considerable practical and theoretical expertise in digital signal processing and time series analysis. He is an inventor of a leading device for processing EMG signals, (ref J. Appl. Physiol. 84: 378-388,1998 )

Ron is going to be the most busy here at SagaTech, as he manages the technical development and international collaborations with medical, research and business alliances. You should really get the chance to talk and meet with Ron, as his experience in this field is decades long and his vision for SagaTech and the solutions for the industry are on the leading edge of discovery.

Gary Spencer MBA BSc.
Customer Relations

From working in large utilities, high tech and telecommunications companies, Gary brings the awareness and rigor of best practices to ensure the success of our customer satisfaction and market programs. With senior management experience in product development, business strategy and customer service, Gary champions the company focus on delivering real value to clients.

Gary contributes a range of skills in helping us deliver what we promise. He's eager to have us develop new applications of science and technology that will make you successful. If you're shopping for a solution, Gary would like to know what's important to you. When you choose SagaTech, you can rely on Gary to make sure you're cared for now and over the long-term.

Melodie Turner
Fatigue Management Project

As Manager of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs, Melodie maintains regulatory compliance to ISO 13485:2003, FDA (CFR & CGMP), MDD93/43/EEC, CMDCAS, and Health Canada. Additionally, Melodie is Program Director of the Fatigue Management Project, producing findings of great significance to the safefy and welfare of industrial workers. The project involves national stakeholders from Canada and the US and is currently focused on the transportation industry.

Melodie is often found in discussion with national institutional leaders and in deep concentration over mounds of research. Melodie has compiled and presented a comprehensive report on the consequences of poor sleep health and is a capable resource for our continued participation in sponsored projects.

John E. Remmers, MD, cum laude, Harvard Medical School
Medical Advisor

Dr. Remmers is a physiologist, physician and inventor who played a fundamental role in identifying the pathogenesis of obstructive sleep apnea. John has conducted a number of clinical trials relating to sleep disordered breathing and is a partner in SagaTech. Among his many accomplishments in sleep medicine spanning from the 1970's, John's research activities showed that obstructive sleep apnea derives from an anatomic narrowing of the pharynx.

John published over 100 peer reviewed publications in the area of respiratory physiology, and held the position of both Editor in Chief of the Journal of Applied Physiology and Director of the Centre for Advancement of Health. He is a co-inventor of the Remmers Sleep Recorder, inventor of various dental devices as well as new methods for generating and applying nasal CPAP and automatically adjusting CPAP.

John maintains a clinical schedule and conducts expert interpretations for customers using the Remmers in Alberta. We honor and respect the influence he has had in lighting the way and changing the thinking on medical approaches to diagnosing and treating sleep disorders.